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Pregnancy Support Bracelet

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Pregnancy Support Bracelet

Wear me when you need a little extra support for mama and a growing babe!

-handmade bracelet
-features stones specific to supporting a healthy pregnancy
-6-7" circumference
-small size is about .5-.7" smaller than the average size
-made with stretchy beading cord
-COLORS MAY VARY due to the variance in colors of natural stones
-smudged with sage
-set with the intention to help support a healthy pregnancy.

-Rose Quartz is gentle healer, and resonates strongly with the vibrations of your pregnancy. Unconditional love pulses from within this stone, helping you forge the bond with your baby stronger than ever. During pregnancy, this crystal is great for nurturing you and your baby. After pregnancy, this crystal is perfect for helping new mothers heal and relax.
-Angelite is for spiritualist mamas who feel a connection to the energy or spirit or guardian angel of their future and current baby’s higher Self. It’s also a great crystal to channel your Higher Self, guardian angels, and ancestors! They all can provide great information and insight during your transition into motherhood.
-Red Ruby is a great crystal to wear during all stages of pregnancy. During the conception stages, rubies help increase female fertility and decrease male impotence. During pregnancy, it works together with your root chakra to boost your baby’s energy during its growth period. Postpartum, ruby facilitates quick healing.
-Hematite helps with circulation and blood flow through and to muscles, helping them to relax when cramped.
-Amethyst brings relaxation, but it also helps to protect you and your baby from harmful influences and vibes! Additionally, amethyst crystals can help with first-trimester pregnancy migraine headaches or headaches in early pregnancy.
-You’re healing, your baby is growing, and you need all of the positive energy you can get! That means getting rid of the harmful, non-beneficial energy whenever you can, which is where Black Tourmaline comes in handy. Also, pregnancy brain is real; this black stone will help provide more mental clarity!

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