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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program
1. There will be a ONE TIME fee of $10 for becoming an ambassador (which will be charged via invoicing through PAYPAL or STRIPE)
2. You will immediately receive a 25% off code to use for your first order as an ambassador
3. You will also get a 15% off code that you can share with your followers and use yourself 
4. You will get a 50% return in store credit from what sales your code generates (i.e if someone saves $15 using your code, you get $7.50 in store credit). This continues rolling over until you decide to use it, in which case I’ll generate a $ off code for you to use specific to what you’ve accumulated.
5. You should AT LEAST post 2-5x a month to expect to see any credit from your code (this isn’t a requirement, but more of a suggestion… if people don’t regularly see your code, they won’t know to use it!)
6. You will get a special code monthly just for being an ambassador
7. Keep up with me via INSTAGRAM @fitandfreecompany, I’m more likely to respond via DM faster than I would through email
8. If at any time you’d like to know how much credit, if any, you’ve accumulated, just shoot me a DM
Answer these questions below: 
1. What's your IG handle/# of followers?
2. Why do you think you'd be a good fit as an ambassador?
3. Do you have a preferred code? (I.E. ANGEL15)
4. Do you agree to the one time charge? If so, is PayPal good to send the invoice?